Nicaragua Update: Still in Estelí

Estelí remains a very quiet, peaceful place to be for the time being. Weather has been super nice, compared to last year at this time. Last year when I was here it was moody- cloudy and rainy and windy some days; this year it’s been mostly sunny with some clouds, no rain at all. Temperatures are around 27c in the daytime and dip down to 16C at nights- a little chilly for me! I don’t socialize so much anymore because I don’t really want to hear people tell me their stories, especially older white American men. I still frequent the Israeli falafel guy’s shop and talk to him every other day. I have my breakfast with Pepper, the nice Chihuahua, look at the Canadian stock market in the morning, then go for a long walk in the afternoon, have lunch, do some exercise, then lie in a hammock. I’ll go out again to get some snacks and a beer (and I mean a beer: one)  read the news, watch TV shows I download or a hockey game if on. I’m in my room by about 7 pm and go to sleep about 11. I get up at 5:30 am and do it all over again. Just great!
Here are some photos from my walks:
head - 1 (10).jpg
vista from a highpoint on the road
The river is quite dry now
Three creatures in full stride: a little girl, a sporty guy and a horse (see it in the distance?)
An old Soviet Union made Lada automobile
head - 1.jpg
Head of a toy on the road
head - 1 (6).jpg
The Alien tech store (?)
head - 1 (8).jpg
Bullet casings in the concrete sidewalk
head - 1 (9).jpg
Brunfelsia- the yesterday, today and tomorrow shrub
head - 1 (1).jpg
A “Banksy” style of graffiti
head - 1 (2).jpg
An “open concept” house
head - 1 (7).jpg
Atrium to my accommodations
head - 1 (3).jpg
Pepper, my breakfast companion
head - 1 (4).jpg
The last pay phone
Gearing up for Christmas
Bulls making a run for it across the river
Fixing the road. It’s made from volcanic interlocking blocks- solid and made with loving care
head - 1 (5).jpg
Hockey on my computer, relaxing in a hammock
The main church in the centre of town, sun going down
The town square near sun down. The folks come out to enjoy and socialize
The full moon, photo taken early evening, December 2, 2017

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