Freixenet Winery, near Barcelona, Spain

I went to the Freixenet (Fresh-en-et, not Frecs-en-et) Winery near Barcelona and saw how they made their Cava wine. “Cava” means cave, and they do it in a cave 20 m under the ground (storage of the bottled product, that is). Cava is as good as Champagne, if not better in my opinion, since I prefer the southern European wines because they tend to be more dry. A side note: the only Champagne I like is Veuve Cliquot, mainly because I served it when I lived in Paris for openings of gallery shows at the Canadian Cultural Centre, where I worked for two years hanging art shows and, well, served Veuve Cliquot at openings. But even Veuve Cliquot is not a Champagne because it is not from the Champagne region of France. It is officially a vin mousseux (sparkling wine). So, my point really is to say Champagne from Champagne is but one variety of sparkling wine, and I prefer sparkling wine not from Champagne.

Freixenet is as good as any winery in the world. In fact, it produces 50% of all sparkling wines that come out of Spain, and it is the 9th largest seller of wines in the world. It has been around a long time, and still produces their products in time-honoured tradition. The only thing cheap about Freixenet is its price. The quality of the product rivals almost any other wine.

So, here are some pics.

Our guide Geordie and the casks containing wine used to add flavour
I won’t bore you with the process, so I’ll cut to the bottling process
“Brut” in the dark bottles left to age anywhere from 17- 24 months
The shiny walls are actually the clear-bottle Freixenet Cava. Each wall contains 500,000 bottles of Cava! There are 13 km of such walls at the winery
The Freixenet Boy– an ad campaign that stayed from the 1920s
And, the final product. Clear, dry, refreshing… delicious!

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