San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Intro This entry was originally written December 16, 2016. In April, 2018, there were protests against the government (led by Daniel Ortega and his wife) over changes to the social welfare program. Some protesters have been killed by government forces. It is affecting tourism negatively.  The United States has posted  "reconsider travel" advisory as of… Continue reading San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

El Corona Coffee Plantation, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

All coffee grown in the world today had its origins in Ethiopia. Nicaragua produces three percent of the world's Arabica coffee, ranking it 4th in world production. The best Arabica coffee in Nicaragua comes from the northern highlands of Matagalpa and Jinotega at altitudes of 1,000 - 1,500 m above sea level. It was Germans… Continue reading El Corona Coffee Plantation, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Cigar Making in Estelí, Nicaragua

Disclaimer: I'm not a tobacco smoker and I don't really know much about the pleasures of smoking. The following history and claims about quality and such are views I gleaned from the Internet. The story about how they make cigars in Estelí is a something I witnessed first-hand. Intro Tobacco was discovered by the indigenous… Continue reading Cigar Making in Estelí, Nicaragua